Fighting Slavery – Steps toward Justice

Fighting Slavery – Steps toward Justice

Seeing ragged little street girls that have been sold into prostitution will wreck you. Slavery has many faces – every one of them ugly. In early August, N49TH participated in a walk to fight the plague of human trafficking we’ve seen in each corner of the world to which we’ve traveled.

Though the walk is complete, the journey toward justice is ongoing – something to which Danielle Hodgson, the organizer of the walk is committed. How about you?

By Danielle Hodgson

Joseph Stalin said “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic”. Twenty seven million slaves is a big statistic. It’s odd how it’s so easy to get overwhelmed, distracted or forgetful of such a large number. Fighting against that odd instinct to turn people into stats we knew we had to do something.

It’s good being part of the solution. We each have a choice to be. Or not. We see the news clip, the headline, the status update and our hearts break, we feel a twinge of guilt for being in our comfy home, we change the channel. Or not. We figured, why not?!  Why not do something? So we decided to host a walk to raise funds and awareness to battle this evil of commerce in people.

I am passionate about ending modern-day slavery. As the organizer I couldn’t always understand why everyone else wasn’t. I mean…if you follow Jesus how can you not care that little girls are being sold and raped then raped again? (Can I say that out loud?! Just bein’ honest) That was a process of trust and surrender the Lord had to take me on.

The day of the event came and the Lord led 88 people to participate that day. It was a beautiful sea of orange, the color of freedom, all gathered together on behalf of those that we have never met. Over $4,300 was raised and sent on to International Justice Mission, glory to God.

We had such a great group of volunteers and staff that I was able to participate and walk the 2.7 miles with everyone. That was really important to me. As American (or Canadian J ) Christians we don’t often have the opportunity to DO. We will write a check or send up prayers but there’s something about DOING and GOING ourselves that is significant.

There is much to be done. That you and I can DO. I fear that, with another victim entering into slavery every 30 seconds, the number will go up before it goes down. That’s why it’s vital to partner with organizations that have such effective strategies like IJM. As I shared the day of the walk, “Let these not be our last steps towards justice but only our first”. There are many, many things that us ordinary folks can do to speed the cause of justice.  For the many ways to get involved check here and here.

Our website, will soon get a face-lift and continue year round with articles, blogs, resources, links and information.


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